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Gobsmacking.... Fishman has a grand voice, pizzazz and charismatic presence. She's sensational!

The Australian

Alexis Fishman is a knockout as Mary - her theatricality and poise make for some of the most engagingly heartfelt scenes.

The Sydney Morning Herald

As the femme fatale screen icon Aurora, Alexis Fishman has a glorious time. Glamourous and sinister, she is captivating and sings and dances tremendously too.


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Alexis Fishman is sensational as Spider Woman. 

North Shore Times

"Alexis Fishman perfectly inhabits her primary role as old-fashioned movie star phantasm Aurora with the perfect combination of sass and old-school sexiness."

Australian Stage

Alexis Fishman shows great promise. She is energetic, vocally strong and has stage presence.

Sunday Herald Sun

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Alexis Fishman brings warmth to the role of ex-girlfriend Chaya (and) Fishman’s musical theatre chops grace the riffs on My Fair Lady and The Wizard of Oz

Audrey Journal

Alexis Fishman as his childhood sweetheart, Chaya, is adorable in parts and alternatively deeply sad and sentimental – for good reason.

Only The Good News

a dazzling Eliza Doolittle from Fishman

Sydney Morning Herald

What a star in the making she is: a knockout voice and perfect timing.

Herald Sun, Melbourne

What a star in the making she is: a knockout voice and perfect timing.

Copy Of -Herald Sun, Melbourne

Alexis Fishman is perky and provocative as the Young Dusty.

Herald Sun

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Newcomer Alexis Fishman is terrific as Mary O'Brien. 

The Sunday Telegraph

A bouncy big-voiced performance from Alexis Fishman

Adelaide's Independent Weekly

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All one can say about this young starlet is that she is truly an amazing talent. With a huge voice, and the acting chops to match, there are moments when she nearly steals the spotlight, and the show almost becomes a story about Marianne O’Keefe.

Gen Q

Alexis Fishman truly shines. Fishman is a gifted performer with a wonderful stage presence.

Australian Stage Online

A real find is Alexis Fishman as the young Mary top calibre as both actor and singer.

Mosman Daily

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Stunningly performed and sung by Alexis Fishman


It is the standout performance of Alexis Fishman as Little Sally that threatens to steal the show.

Brag Magazine

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The spirited Alexis Fishman, with period perfect Eydie Gorme looks and vibrant voice...


Alexis Fishman’s Little Sally is spot on.

Australian Jewish News

(Fishman) has the audience in the palm of her hand...


The Broadway Blog

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The show's effectiveness is mostly owed to the mesmerizing Fishman


Ms. Fishman’s rendition of these two songs – and her interpretations of all the play’s songs – is as mesmerizing as it is cathartic.

Theatre Reviews Limited

The real brilliance of Club Gelbe Stern lies in Fishman’s masterful balancing of sentiment and irony....It’s a truly masterful performance. 

The Broadway Blog

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